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Great news - Dunrobin is being restored to working order at Beamish.

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An early photo of "Dunrobin" the locomotive used to pull the 2nd Duke of Sutherland's Railway Carriage.
dunrobin loco
Courtesy of Chris Stokes
The 2nd Duks's 1st Private Railway Carriage, used by the Duke to travel to and from Dunrobin Castle.
coach 1
Courtesy of Chris Stokes


"Dunrobin" at Fort Steele Heritage Town, British Columbia, Canada

Coutesy of Roman Krizek
The LHS of  "Dunrobin" and the ducal carriage

Coutesy of Roman Krizek
With some Canadian additions

Coutesy of Roman Krizek
The Westinghouse brake cylinders by the side of the somebox and the knuckle coupler are Canadian additions. When owned by the Highland Railway "Dunrobin" would have had a three link chain coupling.

Courtesy of  Roman Krizek
Inside the cab - boiler details

Coutesy of Roman Krizek
Inside the cab - controls

Coutesy of Roman Krizek
The goods bay at Dunrobin Station. The points were controlled by levers in the station building just behind the window in the gable end.

Courtesy of John Gray
Carriage Shed , North of Dunrobin Station. Now demolished
Dunrobin Station facing south to Inverness

Dunrobin Station facing North to Wick

John Parsons

Opposite is an image of a statue at Dunrobin Station in memory of  George Sutherland-Leveson-Gower, 2nd Duke of Sutherland. The Duke was largely responsible for the building of the single track "Far North Line" from Inverness to Wick and Thurso.He was one of the very few private individuals to own their own private carriage with permission to use it. The Duke's railway was later taken over by The Highland Railway, The LMS, British Rail and currently Scotrail.

Dunrobin Castle looking from the railway station.

John Parsons
Thanks to;
John Gray and Chris Stokes of  for permission to use the early images also Roman Krizek of British Colombia Preserved Steam for the Canadian images.
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