Some of my favourite LMS Locomotives
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The LMS 4f has always been a favourite of mine, ever since my parents bought a terrace house near to Hillhouse Junction, Huddersfield. I remember 44474 clanking down the cutting, opposite my house, with a few coal wagons attached.

The line was also the quickest way to school, unfortunately one day I remember popping my head up behind the wall to see if the "coast was clear", only to find my father stood at the other side of the wall. It was the long way to school after that!

I am not old enough to have ridden on an ex L&R Railcar but it does not stop them being a favourite. I think it is the Heath Robinson look that appeals to me.

I like this image as it shows "the opposite end", so many images just show the locomotive.

The parallel Scots are just awesome. They just look so huge and powerful.

"Lion" is a favourite, the name just suits the locomotive.

I also like the variety produced by the experimental smoke deflectors, a touch of the Heath Robinson again.

Just look how every spare inch has been used to make the driving wheels as large as possible.

They may have been built as a stop gap but lots of Locomotive Engineers would have been proud to build one as a flagship engine.

Another awesome bit of LMS kit. 

The Claughton has a simplicity of line which translates well to modelling.

You will have gathered from my choices that I have a preference for the older LMS locomotives.

This page was last updated on  16th May 2010