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I built this North Eastern Atlantic Z Class for a friend using an old DJH kit he picked up at an exhibition.
The chassis for this kit comes, like the DJH Jones Goods, as 2 brass strips and so it took some modification to get it looking and running well.
It has a Mashima motor shoe horned into the boiler area, after some judicious griding of the casting.
It now runs well.
Detailing includes brass number plate, sprung buffers and yards of lining out.
The tender is filled with real coal. I use an old coffee grinder to reduce it to scale.
It is finished ex-works high gloss.
The cab roof is lined in a very thin veneer of wood and the wooden driver's seat and boxes are also represented.
The wheel lining is done by putting the wheels in a dremel drill.
Baltic TankThis is my current project.
I had 2 second hand Millholme L&Y Baltic Tank kits both had problem parts and bits missing so with a bit of careful sorting I managed to make one good kit.
The chassis for this kit is much better than the Atlantic and has a Mashima motor in a London Road Models gear box, which all fit neatly into the body.
The engine is primed and I am deciding if it will be black, as most were in LMS days or crimson lake like 11115 was.
10000At a recent model exhibition I came across a rather mistreated resin body for a 10000. 5 later I was wondering what I have done!
When I got it home I removed the large metal bar that ran the length of the body and was obviously going to prevent putting a motor and chassis into it.
I sourced a 1970's Hornby diesel that runs quite well as a donor chassis and I have also acquired new bogie sides, oval buffers, horns and some grills.
The object of the exercise is to see just how cheaply I can built a reasonable representation.
I think the expensive bit will be buying the numbers and "LMS" from Fox Transfers.
It is the first time I have worked with resin and it is also my first diesel.
I will put an image here if I succeed!
This page was last updated September 2012